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Hi everybody. Just last week I registered on NorthShoreConnect, an online portal that was set up for hospital patients in my area to communicate with their medical teams and vice versa. I had a mostly good experience doing so and I'd like to share it with y'all. This portal requires each person who signs up to obtain a security code, so I called and one was promptly emailed to me a couple weeks ago. This code was actually good until July 26th of this year, which so happens to be the 26th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. But I went ahead and attempted to complete the online registration. The registration form does have a visual CAPTCHA, but there is an audio alternative which turned out not to present a problem for me--a person with perfect hearing. Still though, even audio CAPTCHAs discriminate against the deaf and hard of hearing. But anyway, at first the form didn't submit correctly because it timed out. But after a couple more tries and some sighted assistance, the form was submitted and I was on my way. I'm honestly a bit surprised by the high level of screen reader accessibility of this portal on the Mac. I guess I've been reading too many complaints lately and have internalized them, lol! But all links are clearly labeled. I haven't actually submitted anything yet to my doctors' offices, but the form for doing so is very accessible. All graphs on the portal seem to be accompanied by text. As you can see I'm still very new on there, but thus far I'm pretty impressed. Additionally, my medical team is top-notch. This includes the doctors I have who are in private practice and therefore not listed on the portal. I also had a top-notch medical team in Pennsylvania, where I used to live with my family. It is my sincere hope that other medical portals like this are accessible, and if not that they become accessible very soon.
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Passing on this request from the News blurb in Irregular Webcomic:
Jamey Sharp of Comic Rocket is interested in hearing from people with visual impairment who use text transcripts (like the ones on this comic) to enjoy webcomics. He's thinking of implementing a transcript feature for Comic Rocket. If you have experience that you don't mind discussing, please contact Jamey.
(If you can't use the mailto: link for any reason, the email address is jamey@comic-rocket.com.)


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