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i generally find it harder to explain accessibility win regarding cognitive things than physical things, but i'm giving this one a whirl because it makes me happy.

so, i've got cfids, which has cognitive disability elements. the relevant one here is memory. all my friends know i've got memory problems. there are some types of things (interactions with friends) that i remember better than others (time frames), but overall, yes, memory issues.

the thing is, i'm good at knowing when this part of my disability is relevant. on top of that, i lean towards claiming less certainty than i feel, just to be on the safe side. so when i say that i do remember something, it's trustable.

the accessibility win i'm appreciating tonight is a couple of recent instances of people trusting my memory.

is this "accessibility," really? i know that there are conversational moments when someone and i have conflicting memories and i can fairly hear them thinking, "but she has cognitive disability around memory issues, so my memory outranks hers automatically." of course i can't tell for sure that someone's thinking that. (i do not possess any supercrip powers, including hearing you think.) but i feel like it does happen sometimes; and i feel like that cuts off my access to be "one of the people who might be right." and everyone deserves access to that group.

so, accessibility win occurs when people treat me like i could be the one remembering correctly, despite my disability. special accessibility win when they really mean it. because sometimes, i am the one who remembers.

[ETA: i didn't mean to sound as if i feel entitled to be trusted on remembering past events more than other people. just not less, if i'm saying in that instance that i do remember. i know when my disability is relevant.]
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