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Hi everyone. Subject line pretty much gives it away. I'm wondering if there exist any of these with tactile keypads. I will explain my dilemma. To cut right to the chase, I haven't had much if any formal orientation&mobility instruction for a good many years, and I am now living in an area that is more or less unfamiliar to me because of this. I've gone out numerous times with friends and neighbors, and they've been very good about showing me around the area. However, it seems to me that these people lack the skills and time of a formal O&M instructor. I was specifically told by some people at the state voc/rehab agency here in Illinois that only qualified O&M professionals should be showing me this stuff. So I guess my question is a 2-parter. First, have any of you who received VR services in the past--including O&M instruction--been told something like this? I'd also like to know more about GPS options. I've heard a few demonstrated online, but which ones have tactile markings in addition to the audio feedback?


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