May. 16th, 2011

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I know that offering and receiving advice is incredibly touchy subject both for people with disabilities and for allies. For me, I would appreciate it if advice were only offered within a set of frameworks that I have finally got around to telling my friends.

Help is different from advice, of course. If somebody wants to offer to help, that's usually great, as long as they take no for an answer. But advice, well, that taps into all kinds of deep issues, and if you don't know for certain what kind of advice I welcome, I would really much rather you don't offer any. This includes probing questions about why I am following or not following a particular behavior pattern, course of treatment, or accessibility adaptation. Please, just don't go there.
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if you're shopping in a store that offers different shapes and sizes of cart, please don't use the smaller/lighter kind unless you truly need it. some of us can't shop without the smaller/lighter kind, and there are usually far fewer of them, which means we have to stand around waiting until one comes back. thanks!

also, hello, and welcome to [community profile] accessibility_win! as you'll see in our profile, anyone with a disability is welcome to post, and everyone is welcome to read and comment.
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I've made a set of tags for this community. My thought is that it might be useful to tag every post with the disability or disabilities the suggestion helps with (this can be edited as commenters come in and say "it helps me, too!"), and with the kind of adaptation or help being suggested. I'm sure my initial list of tags is both much too short and possibly doesn't use great language for the types of disabilities. Suggestions for new tags or requests that I change the terminology used can go here.

Any member can tag a post.

Oh, and [personal profile] colorwheel is co-modding with me, [personal profile] jadelennox. Neither of us has really done something like this before so please bear with us during growing pains.


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