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a friend of mine helped me with something recently. i'm not sure whether he knows that he helped me twice at the same time.

my friend took a time-sensitive package to the post office for me and mailed it, on a day when i was too sick to go out. it's obvious why that was so helpful. but i want to explain how it came about, because he made his own help especially accessible to me by the way he offered. knowing that i was sick, he mailed, "If there's anything I can do to help (car ride somewhere, pick up groceries, what-have-you), let me know." the specificity of his examples was what made me feel comfortable asking him to mail my package. i felt comfortable extrapolating that the post office was in the same category as the things he mentioned.

another friend, who lives quite nearby, often tells me what neighborhood or store she's going to that day and asks if i need anything from there. easy as pie to accept, because it's clear that it's easy for her.

when people offer help in general terms like "let me know if i can do anything," even if they really want to do something, it leaves me with the task of guessing what type of help would be okay to ask for. often i won't risk asking for help if i think it might turn out to be the person's least favorite type of thing to do, or the most inconvenient for them given their life or the week they're having. my friends' material examples allow me to feel like i'm accepting a particular offer rather than asking out of the blue. that's agatha fry and christopher john for ya.
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